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A survival guide for the newly unemployed

Take it from a 2015 graduate who is still trying to find his place in employment sector, getting a job is no joke. You may have all the qualifications you think you need but there are many other forces at work that if are not on your side, you are going to struggle finding anything you may deem worthy of your education and the hustle you’ve encountered along the way.

While you are still in the streets or you have a job that is taking you nowhere, here are few survival tips just to say sane: –

Be resilient.
With the current job market and economy that seems to have nothing in mind rather than screw us up, one of the few things that may help you weather the storm is resilience. Life has a terrible sense of humor, when she decides that things will go wrong; trust me; everything will seem to bow to the order. Prepare yourself for anything and be sure to keep calm when your life seems like nothing but a big heap of trash.

Anticipate bad things happening .
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