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Air Tanzania Ends Dominance, Debuts 2nd Airbus 220

By Special Aviation Correspondent, Montreal, 10-01-2019: TANZANIA is about to make history again, when its national airline, Air Tanzania, debuts the second Airbus 220 in a grand plan to consolidate its fleet, intensifying competition in the regional aviation business. Air Tanzania, continues to keep East Africans’ heads up. It is a growing airline that operates all new aircraft, solidifying its positioning deep in the pristine African skies.Air Tanzania is the only African airline on the continent that flies Airbus’ newest product, A220 series. Aviation business experts sees an end to the dominance of giant airlines in the region.

This January 2019, hardly a month since the Air Tanzania became the first African airliner to introduce the airbus 220 in African skies, Tanzania brings its sister aircraft, right from the manufacturer’s workshop in Mirabel in Montreal. 
Tanzania's newest Airbus, thanks to President Magufuli's devoted axctions

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