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Business Development Services Advisor at VSO

Role Overview

You will be working hand in hand with team members of the Global Livelihoods team, located around the world, and Livelihoods teams in the country offices of VSO Tanzania, VSO Uganda and VSO Kenya. You will support documenting VSO’s work in the area of Enterprise Development and advise on improvements and future focus of the work. Your input will ensure that VSO is delivering a relevant package of Business Development Services (BDS) to male and especially female entrepreneurs operating SMEs in different sectors and geographical areas.

Skills, Qualifications And Experience

You have a;

Bachelor’s degree in Business management or social science, Entrepreneurship, Economics or related is required

Background on training, education or facilitation skills will be the most advantageous factor for this position.
Communication – communicates at various levels depending on the audience and content of message, communicates the rights message, excellent in communication consisten... Continue reading ->

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