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Carpenter Signage Finishing at Zenith Media

Job Title: Carpenter Signage Finishing

Based: Zenith Media PVT LTD, Production Site, Unga Limited, Arusha.

Position reports to: Signage Manager.

Job Purpose Summary: To ensure effective completion of Signage jobs.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

General Signage Finishing

Cutting, bending, sticking, attaching materials such as acrylics, forex, corex, MDF’s, alucobond, metal, wood, and etcetera to make various types of signs .
Attaching printed materials to signs for example, backlit flex to light box, vinyl to signboards, and etcetera.
Installing signage on-site.
Communicating with Signage Manager & Operator regarding progress of jobs.
Communicating with Signage Manager and Operator(s) to increase productivity and efficiency and to cut waste.
Using finishing equipment such as drills, grinders, heat guns and etcetera to work on and complete jobs.

Signage Finishing Carpentery

Make innovative furniture or furniture parts as per the design.
Fixing furniture.
Making wooden compo... Continue reading ->

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