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Each One Teach One is an initiative started by the UBA Foundation with the purpose of All UBA staff to get an opportunity to give back to the community in their own way. The initiative aims at helping under the privileged and young children, get vocational skills that may result in them making money.
UBA Tanzania through the UBA Foundation participated for the Each One, Teach One Initiative for youths in Africa. Through Each One Teach One initiative UBA staff voluntarily commit their time to their communities, teaching youth’s various activities such as foreign languages, photography, fashion design, martial arts, music and much more. UBA Tanzania staff showing members of Mshikamano group from Yombo Vituka in Dar es salaam how to make buns (maandazi in Swahili, common bites used for breakfast and dinner) but these ones were with different taste with eggs, milk and a little flavour of vanilla essence teaching skills that may give them a head start in life. The UBA Foundation i... Continue reading ->

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