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Marketing Officer at Mwananchi Communications

Job Summary

To design, develop and implement marketing strategies aimed at building the equity of MCL products.

Full Job Description


Develops the MCL’s annual strategic marketing plan and manages its implementation in a timely and cost effective manner
Coordinates all the MCL’s various marketing functions so as to maximize synergies
Develops strong brands, targeting identified market and consumer needs in order to expand the market and increase the MCL’s share of market in the various systems segments
Coordinates the continuous gathering of information and feedback from customers, the trade and market place (through market analyses and market research) to guide tactics and strategy to meet identified needs.
Develops and implements a standard brand communication approach, common to all the Group’s products in the areas of brand image, merchandising, promotional activities
Develops and implements the MCL Sales and Marketing Best practice programmes
Prepares and manages the app... Continue reading ->

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