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Nafasi has treats for FILM LOVERS this month

Tanzania's film industry has rapidly grown over the last few years to become the second largest in Africa, Nigeria being the first with its craze for Nollywood films. A craze similar to that of 'Bongo movies' in Tanzania which sees hundreds of movies being made by over 50 independent producers in Dar es Salaam.
According to research done by Media For Development International (Tanzania), distributors sell DVDs of these movies to over 25,000 video libraries around every corner of the country. Locals are able to either buy or rent these movies from video libraries or could watch them in 'video shows', make shift cinemas of which there are over 10,000, screening films country wide.This month, Nafasi and Tanzania film lab will be treating fans of Tanzanian cinema with FATUMA, a film about the challenges of a female farmer in rural Tanzania. Fatuma has won several awards on the the international film circuit. Join on 14th of August at 7.30 pm for a chance to see the film and to talk to some of the filmmakers and actors. 

A traditional rural woman has always risked her body and soul, without reward or thanks, to farm her husband’s land and keep the family fed and cared for. She fights unfavorable weather, pests and poverty. But when Manyusi squanders her prized harvest, and schemes to marry off their daughter, Fatuma has to fight her husband.For fans of more experimental,and artistic films Nafasi invites to join us for an exclusive exhibition on Saturday 25th of August featuring the work of Spainish video artist Lois Patino. Patino is a video and installation artist from Spain. His videos and video installations have shown in art centers including Centro Cultura San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain),. His films have screened at international festivals around the world. 
You are all welcomed to the Tanzania Film Lab Screening of Fatuma. Get to meet some of the crew and cast of the film alongside several other filmmakers and actors on the 14th August from 7:30 pm

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