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Operations Manager at Financial Sector Deeping Trust, Tanzania

Position: Operations Manager

Organization: Financial Sector Deeping Trust, Tanzania 
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Duration: 15-months renewable contract

About Financial Sector Deeping Trust (FSD), Tanzania

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Tanzania, aims to contribute towards having all Tanzanians derive value from regular use of financial services, which are delivered with dignity and fairness. The Trust achieves this through facilitating the financial markets to work and cater to the needs of its prioritized markets that are women, youth, rural dwellers, agriculture and enterprises.


The program delivers on four strategic outputs that are:

 Advocating for an improved policy and institutional, legal and regulatory framework;
Promoting more relevant market infrastructure and ways to reduce transaction costs between Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and potential clients;
Stimulating improved access to financial products and services that respond to the needs of Micro- Sm... Continue reading ->

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