The 8th INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN FESTIVAL In TUEBINGEN,GERMANY STARTS TOMORROW TO 12th August 2018 - Issa Michuzi | PressTZ - Your Number 1 Source of Aggregated Online Content



 The biggest African festival in Germany will be held from August 9 to 12 2018 in Tübingen. It will will turn the Festplatz Tübingen into an African village displaying the very best of Africa and Africans in Germany. There, the audience is able to experience great bands and artists with live music (such as Ngoma Africa Band, X-Maleya, Saidi Kanda with Mvula Mandondo Band etc), dance performances, workshops, African food and drinks, a bazaar/market and program for children. Since the United Republic of Tanzania has been chosen as the focus country of this year’s Festival, Dr Abdallah Saleh Possi, Tanzania’s Ambassador for the Federal Republic of Germany will be welcomed as a special guest. A special highlight will be GAIEXPO (German African International Expo) to promote trade and international cooperation between African countries and Germany as well as other European countries. There will be an economic and educational forum and an open exchange on socio-cultural and economic development. Moreover, the visitor has the chance to get to know the wonderful continent and the people. In addition, the event promotes diversity, peace and love between people from different backgrounds. It also advocates African countries as tourist and investment destinations in addition to challenging Africans in the diaspora to play key roles in the development of their home countries.Unlike most African festivals which are organised by non-Africans for Africans, the International Afrika Festival Tübingen is planned by Sunjo and Susan Tatah. They are both from Cameroon and work in close collaboration with a team of Africans and local German authorities. To enjoy the festival, visitors have the opportunity to camp and park for free. Those who like to swim and enjoy the sun can check out the swimming pool next to the festival.
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