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UN Clinic Health Manager at United Nations Development Programme

As in many Programme Countries, UN field personnel in Tanzania are exposed to various health and security hazards that may result in disease; psychological trauma and life-threatening injuries. Dedicated, effective primary health, occupational health, tropical medicine and emergency medical services may mitigate negative outcomes of trauma, injuries and health complications providing better chances for saving lives as well as for faster and better recovery.

The UN Health Manager is part of the UN common services of the UN country team in Tanzania and administered by UNDP. In that context UNCT, after long consultation and evaluation of health condition in Tanzania, decided to recruit a UN Health Manager who will be based in Kigoma.

The UN Health Manager will attend to the UN Clinic on a full-time basis and provide medical services to staff members and their dependents. In addition, he/she will facilitate medical evacuations and cooperate with headquarter offices on all related matters. U... Continue reading ->

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